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October 16, 2018

Yvonne Strahovski is officially a mom!

The Handmaid’s Tale star has welcomed her first child, a baby boy, with her husband, actor Tim Loden. Strahovski announced her son’s arrival on Instagram on Monday evening, also sharing the first photo of her baby boy.

My heart has melted into a billion pieces a thousand times already,” she wrote. “We have been blessed with the greatest joy of our lives, our baby boy. Welcome to the world Peanut, your parents love you beyond measure and you are already my little dream boat. My heart has been stolen!

Her rep confirms both mommy and baby are doing well.

The 36-year-old Australian actress revealed her pregnancy news back in May. The announcement came in the form of an Instagram post that showed the Serena Joy character cradling her baby bump.

I am very excited to finally be able to share my special news—I’m going to be a Mama!” she captioned the photo. “So very exciting to watch and feel this little peanut growing every day!

After sharing the news, Strahovski continued to keep fans updated on her pregnancy journey, such as by posting pictures of her growing baby bump and revealing her pregnancy cravings, which included watermelon. She often included the phrase, “preggy n’ proud” in her posts. During the 2018 Emmy Awards, the actress accidentally revealed to E!’s Giuliana Rancic the sex of her baby-to-be.

I’m just gonna hold him in there hope for the best,” she shared, referencing her impending due date and slyly dropping the baby’s pronoun. “I just let it slip earlier didn’t I?” Yvonne added. “Breaking news!

Playing a character who is unable to conceive wasn’t always easy for the actress—even Chrissy Teigen jokingly tweeted about the juxtaposition.

During an interview with The Project, the star admitted she actually tried to hide her pregnancy while filming.

It was quite interesting hiding the pregnancy actually, as my first trimester was [from] episode nine through to the end of The Handmaid’s Tale,” she told the Australian talk show, per The Daily Mail

However, Strahovksi couldn’t keep her pregnancy a secret for long.

That’s why it got tricky. In the end I was over hiding it so I said, ‘you know what, I’m pregnant,’” she added. “People thought I had the flu. They were scared to come near me.

t certainly has been a busy time for Strahovski. In addition to welcoming her firstborn, the actress recently received an Emmy nomination for her role on the Hulu hit. At last year’s award show, the star also revealed she and Loden had tied the knot earlier that summer.

Congratulations to the happy family! 

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September 17, 2018

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August 21, 2018

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Serena Joy is one of the many wicked characters on “The Handmaid’s Tale,” but she’s also one that fans found more and more understandable as Season 2 went on. And viewers of the Hulu drama who struggle with their empathy for Serena can thank actress Yvonne Strahovski for their turmoil, as she worked hard to create that feeling.

It’s important for me to try to make this character as relatable as possible, even though she’s despicable,” said Strahovski, whose first-ever Emmy nomination was one of eight acting noms for the show that won eight Emmys last year, including Outstanding Drama Series.

(The other acting nominees: lead actress Elisabeth Moss, supporting actor Joseph Fiennes, supporting actresses Alexis Bledel and Ann Dowd and guests Samira Wiley, Cherry Jones and Kelly Jenrette.)

For the actress, Season 2 was an extended case of what she called “navigating a really fine line between the Jekyll and Hyde of Serena — her ice queen fighting the sensitive, vulnerable side that was revealing itself slowly.

Throughout the season, Serena, the wife of Commander Fred Waterford (Fiennes) would do something kind for the handmaiden Offred/June (Moss), who was carrying a child for the couple.

But in the next moment, driven by jealousy and fury, she would become more wicked than we’d ever seen her before. Episode after episode, Serena grappled with her desire to become a mother, which naturally put her at odds with June — the woman whose biological baby she was trying to snatch from her womb and mother herself.

I was really excited when I sat down with [creator] Bruce [Miller] before we started filming and he told me about the motherhood storyline that Serena was going to have this year,” Strahovski said.

He did leave a few things out, so I was still surprised by some of the things that come up in the scripts. But I love that Serena has this unrealistic view of what motherhood means to her and it totally breaks down and changes towards the end. She basically does a 180 that has the worst outcome for her and the best outcome for the baby. Her journey this season was about learning what motherhood really means.

And it finally changes the Offred-Serena relationship, which Strahovski said reminds her “of a volatile lovers’ affair where they would come together and break up again, and come together and break up again. Ultimately there are so many reasons why they can’t come together. But the baby is one big reason why they can.

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August 16, 2018

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ star discusses her Emmy nomination for best supporting actress in a drama series.
I’m really stoked, actually. I woke up in the morning really late to a lot of missed calls on my phone,” The Handmaid’s Tale actress Yvonne Strahovski told The Hollywood Reporter of getting the news of her Emmy nomination.

Unlike season one, Strahovski said she was able to explore her character Serena Joy at length in season two of the Hulu series. “It’s allowed me to deep dive into her emotional psyche and vulnerability. And to break down the iciness that we had seen in season one.

One of those dives came in the episode where Joy decides to return to Gilead despite seeing life outside the suppression. Strahovski said of that moment, “It was so confronting on so many different layers. She’s watching women on phones and being independent.

Strahovski said she feels a little dirty playing a character who has to justify what she’s doing. “Ultimately I’m on Team Audience who loathes her and wants her to be a better person,” she said.

The actress revealed that she kept her pregnancy in real life secret for a few weeks during production. When she had to film a scene where she is beaten, she said it was time to let producer Bruce Miller and actress Elisabeth Moss know the situation.

On working with Moss, Strahovski said, “It’s like having the greatest sparring partner ever.” She added that they are able to get in and out of their characters and get along between takes.

Strahovski, originally from Australia, said she wasn’t privy to American politics, although being on a show like Handmaid’s Tale has made her more aware and active in the conversation. “The show has been enlightening and empowering,” she said.

The actress also revealed that she’s not sure whether she will attend the Emmys given her pregnancy, but she hopes to be there to support her cast and crew, a group that’s brought in 20 different nominations this year.

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