Hello everyone! Yvonne Strahovski Source has a new look. I hope you will like! :)
I’ll update the gallery now.

I just want to say a Happy 34th Birthday to Yvonne! I hope you enjoy your day!

xoxo Team Yvonne Strahovski Source

Hello guys! I added to the gallery screen captures, promo shoots, stills and poster from the first season of TV Series Chuck. Enjoy!

ChuckS1x09_2860929.jpg 3~185.jpg 1~222.jpg ChuckS1x11_2859629.jpg

Hello. I added to the gallery pictures from the events visited by Yvonne from 2007 to 2015!

2~176.jpg 16~90.jpg 29~3.jpg 242.jpg

Hey. I added all photoshoot pictures to the gallery!

8.jpg 5.jpg 1.jpg 2~1.jpg

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